Seed saving Resources

On this page you will find useful seed-saving resources to get you started in saving some of your own seed. We highly recommend investing in a good seed saving book such as “The Seed Garden” by Seed Savers Exchange.

The best way to learn to save seed is to practice, so get out there and give it a go! There will always be successes and failures but once you start saving your own seed, you will probably become obsessed with it like we are as it’s just such a fascinating process.

Online Seed-Saving Course

We recently launched an online seed-saving course where you can learn the art and craft seed saving in a really user-friendly and guided format.  The course is hosted on its own website ( head on over there to find out more and enrol.

How-to guides

Useful reference guides

Its really important to know your species when saving seeds becasue varieties of the same species can cross pollinate each other. This table is available as a downloadable PDF here –>Vegetable species reference table pdf

Ever wondered how many seeds there are per gram of different vegetables? Quite possibly not! But if you have then you will find this table useful. This table is available as a downloadable PDF here –>Seeds per gram pdf


Finding the right screen size for cleaning seed is important.  You can make do with a few key sizes – 10mm, 5mm, and 2.5, but it is also really useful to have a selection. This table tells you which screen sizes are best for which seeds. This table is available as a downloadable PDF here –>Seed screen sizes pdf

Seed Saving Books

The Seed Garden

Seed Savers Exchange – A great book for those interested in garden-scale seed saving

The Organic Seed Grower

John Navazio – A brilliant book for those interested in medium-large scale organic seed production

Back Garden Seed Saving

Sue Stickland - Another great book on garden-scale seed saving

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