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We only sell varieties that we know you will love (because we love them!). A core part of our mission is to increase the availability and variety of organic seeds for UK gardeners and growers. In 2019 we are growing 16 popular varieties of which there has previously been no organic seed available. 

Seeds to sow in October

October is a month of harvest festivals and celebrating the abundance (hopefully!) of your patch. Temperatures will continue to fall and it is time to start preparing for winter. It is the end of the growing season.

You can sow broad beans, and round-seeded peas at this time of year to boost your harvest next spring. And there is still time to sow winter lettuces and other salads indoors to be able to continue harvesting fresh greens from the garden in the dark winter months. Hardy annual flowers can be sown in October and will bloom earlier than spring sown seeds.

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