Cabbage, Winter – Violaceo di Verona (Organic)


A winter Savoy cabbage with dark green and violet leaves. We were really pleased with Violaceo di Verona in our cabbage trials in 2018 scoring highly in terms of vigour, pest resistance and looks.

Another Italian heirloom of the region of Verona that has been preserved for its beautiful looks and fabulous flavour. It is frost hardy and long standing. As winter turns colder the contrast of colours will get more bright.

This variety grows medium sized heads that can be harvested from July until mid-winter with successional sowings.

(Approximate seed count – 100)

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When to sow: March – May

Spacing: 50 x 40cm

Cabbage tips: Direct sow thinly in drills 30cm apart or sow in modules and transplant to final position. Plant the seedlings up to their first true leaves, be sure to firm them in well as they do not like loose soil.
Protect from cabbage white butterflies and cabbage root fly with fleece or mesh. Varieties suitable for spring cropping can be sown in August and planted at 30cm in-row spacing.