Carrot – Amsterdam Forcing (Organic)


A quick to grow and early maturing carrot, producing small, slender, cylindrical roots. This is a great variety for early or late cultivation under fleece or in a polytunnel. It’s a particular hit with children as it can be grown as a baby carrot and is very sweet and crisp!
(Approximate seed count – 400)

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When to sow: Feb – July

Spacing: 20 x 5cm

Carrot tips: Direct sow 1cm deep into weed-free soil with a fine tilth in drills 30cm apart, aiming for a seed spacing of 1cm. When the plants are 3cm tall, thin to final spacing. Cover early sowings with cloches to warm the soil.
Top tips: mix with some beetroot seed (which will germinate faster) to spot the rows for early weeding; cover with fleece or mesh to prevent carrot fly.