Chard – Magenta Sunset (Organic) ***NEW FOR 2024***


This chard makes a stunning leafy green with stems of orange and magenta . ‘Magenta Sunset’ has its name from the showy coloration that ranges from bright pink over crimson to deep burgundy contrasting the dark green leaves typically growing to a height of 30-60 cm. It is versatile that adds ornamental and culinary value to gardens and container growing. It can be harvested throughout the growing season and makes a delicious and nutritious addition to salads, soups, and stir-fries.

Our favourite way of eating it is as a side dish steamed with melted butter and a pinch of pepper and salt.
(Approximate seed count – 200)

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When to sow: Feb-Aug

Spacing: 25x25cm

Chard tips: Direct sow in shallow drills of 1.5cm depth. When plants are 15cm high, thin to appropriate spacing.

Early sowings can be made in modules starting in February and then transplanted outside 4-5 weeks later to crop May onwards. Sowing after midsummer will provide you with leaves from autumn until the following spring.