Pepper – California Wonder (Organic)


A classic variety of bell pepper, which has stood the test of time. California Wonder produces an abundance of fruits which start green and ripen to red. They can be eaten at any stage of maturity.
For best results grow under cover in a polytunnel or glass house, otherwise ensure a sheltered and sunny spot.
(Approximate seed count – 15)

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When to sow: Feb – April

Spacing: 45 x 45cm

Pepper tips: Sow seeds indoors with heat from February, the ideal temperature is 20°C. If sown in a seed tray, seeds can be pricked out into 10cm pots once they germinate, or if grown in plugs pot them on when they have two sets of true leaves. Transplant into final position in May, either under cover or in a sunny sheltered spot. Plants may need staking as they grow.