"The person who is tired of kale is tired of life"
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Calendula - Edible, medicinal, ornamental
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Welcome to Vital Seeds

Vital Seeds is an independent seed company set in the rolling Devon countryside producing and selling organic and ecological vegetable, herb and flower seed of open-pollinated varieties for home-gardeners and small-scale market growers. 

As a DEFRA- inspected company, our seeds meet stringent standards of quality and germination.

We only sell varieties that we know and love. A core part of our mission is to increase the availability and variety of organic seeds. In 2019 we are growing 16 popular varieties of which there has previously been no organic seed available. These include ‘Zebrune’ banana shallot, ‘Costoluto Fiorentino’ tomato, and ‘Meruhen’ winter squash.

We are borderline obsessed with plants and seeds, and are constantly amazed by the miracles they perform on a daily basis, silently using solar power to transform inert molecules into the complex biochemicals which make up delicious and nourishing food. 

Fred talks about the satisfaction of seed saving

None of our seed is hybrid or GMO, so you can save your own seed from them too. Indeed, part of our mission is to re-skill gardeners and growers in how to save their own seed. We think that this is such an important skill and that all gardeners and growers should have some knowledge of seed-saving.

On our resources page you can find useful information to do with seed-saving, such as how-to guides and videos, links to other organisations working with seed and also books and publications. We will be constantly developing this area of the site keep an eye of for more content coming soon.  

Our plastic free pledge – we are committed to creating a sustainable food system, and part of that commitment is to avoid single-use plastics. All of our packaging is plastic-free and home-compostable so you can relax in the knowledge that you are not contributing to unnecessary plastic pollution