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Dear customers,

Please consider before buying any seeds:

– Most orders are arriving in a couple of days, however some are taking up to three weeks to arrive due to the pressure on the postal system
– We are sending all orders on the next working day by 1st class post. We do not have tracking details of them
– Please do not email us asking where your seeds are within three weeks from postage date, as we will be unable to respond
– Thanks for your patience and understanding in this very challenging time

  • Organic seeds: vegetables, herbs and flowers
  • Plastic-free and compostable packaging
  • Free delivery on orders over £30
  • Open-pollinated varieties
  • Based in Devon
  • Absolutely no GMOs

We only sell varieties that we know you will love (because we love them!). A core part of our mission is to increase the availability and variety of organic seeds for UK gardeners and growers. 

Here is what our customers say about our organic seeds

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None of our seed is hybrid or GMO, so you can save your own seed from them too. Indeed, part of our mission is to re-skill gardeners and growers in how to save their own seed. We think that this is such an important skill and that all gardeners and growers should have some knowledge of seed-saving.

On our resources page you can find useful information to do with seed-saving, such as how-to guides and videos, links to other organisations working with seed (e.g. Gaia Foundation and Organic Seed Alliance , and also books and publications. We will be constantly developing this area of the site keep an eye of for more content coming soon.

Our plastic free pledge – we are committed to creating a sustainable food system, and part of that commitment is to avoid single-use plastics. All of our packaging is plastic-free and home-compostable so you can relax in the knowledge that you are not contributing to unnecessary plastic pollution

Seeds to sow in June

June is the month of mid-summer. You can tend your patch until late in the evening and make the most of the long days.

Most summer crops can still be sown, although it is getting a little late for courgettes, winter squashes and cucumbers (sow until early June). Keep on top of your salad sowing now and after solstice sow chicory, orientals, kohlrabi and Florence fennel which won’t bolt as quickly with the days getting shorter again.

It is not too late to direct sow flowers like poppies, zinnias, calendula, cosmos, sunflowers, or nasturtium. 

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