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Welcome to Vital Seeds

Vital Seeds is an independent seed company based in Devon producing and selling organic and ecologically produced open-pollinated vegetable, herb and flower seed for home-gardeners and small-scale market growers

We hope that you enjoy exploring our website. On our resources page you can find useful information to do with seed-saving, such as how-to guides and videos, links to other organisations working with seed and also books and publications. We will be constantly developing this area of the site keep an eye of for more content coming soon.  

Fred talks about the satisfaction of seed saving

Crop of the week - Leeks

Each week we celebrate one of our favorite crops and offer the seeds at 15% off the usual price. 

This week we are celebrating leeks. We love leeks and eat them pretty much everyday throughout the winter. It is a sad day for us in spring when they all start to flower and we know we will not eat them again until the end of summer. Luckily there is also much to look forward to in spring  so the sadness does not last too long! 

Leeks were common in Europe by the Middle Ages. They was domesticated in the Mediterranean basin and Phoenician traders are said to have introduced the leek when they were trading for tin in the British Isles. The leek is the National Symbol of Wales.