How to grow parsley

Seed Sowing

Sow your Parsley seeds from February to June. Ideal for direct sowing from April onwards; sow indoors in modules from February and plant out later if desired. Sow 4-5 seeds 0.5 cm deep; keep them well watered as they are slow to germinate and can take 3+ weeks.


Transplant parsley into a weed-free bed in full sun or partial shade. Space in rows 20 cm apart with an in-row spacing of 15 cm. Water well after planting.

Plant Care

Parsley is easy to care for; keep it weed-free, remove yellowing leaves regularly, and water during hot spells.


Parsley is related to carrots and celery, so pests like Celery Leaf miners and Carrot root flies can affect them. Remove pests promptly. Using insect mesh can prevent attacks.


Keep picking larger outer leaves to encourage new growth. Remove flower spikes in year 2 to prolong leaf production. It will eventually go to seed.

Culinary Ideas

Parsley is a versatile herb, packed with antioxidants and vitamins. Use in tabbouleh, chimichurri, potato salad, gremolata, and garlic bread for added flavor and freshness.

Seed Saving

Leave at least five plants to flower and go to seed. Once seed heads turn brown, cut and dry for two more weeks before rubbing off seeds and storing in a cool, dry place. Seeds last up to two years; fresh seed is best.