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Growing suggestions for fennel seeds

Florence Fennel likes a sunny site and a lot of water. Direct sow fennel seeds in late May or June in rows 30cm apart or sow in April in modules and transplant at four-to-five leaf stage. Keep it moist and earth up when the bulb starts to swell. Fennel can also be grown in 25cm pots.

Fennel growing calendar


Crop history

Fennel’s history dates back to ancient times in the Mediterranean and it has long been know for its numerous medicinal properties. The bulbing fennel (Florence fennel) that is most popular in Europe today, was developed in the seventeenth century in Italy. The seeds are found in spice racks all over the world.

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  • Perfektion FennelPerfektion Fennel

    Fennel – Perfektion (Organic)

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    Fennel – Perfektion (Organic)

    Just the right blend of dependability and flavour creating attractive white bulbs with the signature anise flavour. Perfektion creates a succulent, round, white bulb with fine flesh. It has a delicious anise flavour and is reliable in its growing pattern. This variety also has attractive fern-like foliage which is also edible and good for adding a hint of anise to your cooking. Suitable for early or late cultivation.

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