Seeds to sow in June

June is the month of mid-summer. You can tend your patch until late in the evening and make the most of the long days.

Most summer crops can still be sown, although it is getting a little late for courgettes, winter squashes and cucumbers (sow until early June). Keep on top of your salad sowing now and after solstice sow chicory, orientals, kohlrabi and Florence fennel which won’t bolt as quickly with the days getting shorter again.

It is not too late to direct sow flowers like poppies, zinnias, calendula, cosmos, sunflowers, or nasturtium. 

Growing tips in June:

  • Sowing and planting will be a major job in the veg patch in June. In most places the soil will be warm enough to direct sow lots of things. Continue sowing carrots, dwarf French beans, sugar snap peas, radish, lettuce and other salad leaves for a succesional harvest
  • “One year’s seed, seven years weed” is how the saying goes. Chickweed can complete its life cycle in 5-6 weeks and will produce up to 20,000 seeds per plant. So make sure you stay on top of your weeds at this time of year especially!
  • Pinch out side-shoots of your tomatoes and get them tied up and supported well
  • Grow lots of insect-attracting flowers and herbs (e.g. borage, chives) to bring in the beneficial creatures such as parasitic wasps, ladybirds etc. 

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