Seeds to sow in July

July is the month when your garden should be in full production.  Vegetables are growing, flowers are in bloom and you can relax a little and enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

Don’t forget that you can keep sowing throughout the summer months, not only to create a succesional harvest of vegetables (e.g. French beans for a late crop in September) but also to start growing your winter veg that will supply you with valuable crops throughout the colder months and into spring.

Sow kohlrabi, lettuce, chard, chicory, Florence fennel, coriander. At the end of the month start sowing your oriental greens like pak choi, salad rocket, mizuna, purple frills etc. and turnips. Now is a good time to sow spring cabbage (e.g. greyhound) as well.

Growing tips in July:

  • July is often hot and dry, so a lot of the time may be spent watering. You can reduce water loss and save time by mulching around your veggies with a layer of organic matter (straw or hey, grass clippings etc.) which will help keep the moisture in the soil.
  • Keep on top of your weeds, it is so much easier to get rid of them as small seedlings. Hoeing also helps to keep the moisture in the soil as it breaks up the top of the soil and stops the water from being drawn up by capillary action through evaporation
  • If they haven’t gone out already it is time now to plant out your leeks. Dib holes about 15cm deep and place the leeks inside. Give them a good water and leave the weather to fill up the hole with time.
  • If you haven’t netted your brassicas, it may be worth picking off of the caterpillars of the cabbage white butterflies that are munching away on your leafy vegetables before they have eaten them all

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