How to grow spring onions

Seed Sowing

Sow your spring onion seeds from January through September. Ideal for direct sowing from March onwards or indoor sowing in modules from January. Sow seeds no deeper than 1 cm for successful germination. Well-suited for successional sowing.


Ensure a weed-free seedbed. Directly sow seeds in rows around 10 cm apart; thin out later to 2-3 cm. Young plants are ready in 4-5 weeks. Plant them 25 cm apart in rows or clusters. Keep the soil well-watered.

Plant Care

Spring onions are easy to care for. Keep them weed-free and hoe regularly. They prefer free-draining, rich soil, but excessive richness may lead to more top growth.


Allium Leaf miners and onion flies are potential pests. Remove leaf miners promptly. Protect from onion flies using insect mesh to prevent egg laying on young alliums.


Spring onions should be ready around 12 weeks after sowing. Harvest the whole plant gently with a hand trowel to avoid bruising.

Culinary Ideas

Extremely versatile, spring onions are delicious cooked or raw, adding flavor to various dishes as a cooking ingredient or garnish.

Seed Saving

To save spring onion seeds, grow at least 50 plants for genetic diversity. Isolate from other alliums. Harvest seeds when the casing turns papery. Dry seed heads for 10 days, rub off seeds, and store in a cool, dry place for up to 2 years.