How to grow nasturtiums

Seed Sowing

Sow Nasturtium seeds from March to May; ideal for direct sowing or in modules. Plant seeds 1.5cm deep.


Transplant at 30 x 30 cm spacing and water in well.

Plant Care

Nasturtiums are easy to care for. Water in hot, dry weather. Deadhead for more flowers. They continue until frost.


Attract blackfly and caterpillars but divert pests from other crops. Attract predatory insects and pollinators.


Leaves, flowers, and young seeds are edible with a spicy flavor. Harvest and use flowers the same day or store in the fridge for a day or two. Young green seeds provide a spicy kick.

Culinary Ideas

Use flowers in salads and as garnishes. Spicy leaves complement salads, sandwiches, and Asian dishes like summer rolls.

Seed Saving

Collect fallen seeds from the ground when ripe. Dry in a well-ventilated space before storage.