Seed Sovereignty

‘Seed Sovereignty reclaims seeds and Biodiversity as commons and public good. The farmer’s rights to breed and exchange diverse Open Source Seeds which can be saved and which are not patented, genetically modified, owned or controlled by emerging seed giants’. – Lexicon of Food

There are many great organisations working with seed and seed sovereignty, both in the UK and abroad. These organisations are championing a return to open-pollinated seed production, and conserving the extremely valuable, but highly endangered, diversity that still exists in our food crops. 

Organic Seed Alliance

An organisation based in the USA, focusing on education and research into organic seed production

Seed Freedom

“The Global Movement for Seed Freedom is a network of individuals and organisations committed to align our thoughts and actions with the laws of Gaia, Pachamama, Vasundhara, Mother Earth… We protect the biodiversity of the planet by defending of the freedom of the seed to evolve in integrity, self-organisation, and diversity.”

Seed Savers Exchange

American organisation dedicated to keeping heirlooms varieties of vegetable alive. They also have a great Youtube channel with seed-saving tips

Gaia Foundation Seed Sovereignty UK and Ireland Program

Supporting a biodiverse and ecologically sustainable seed system across Britain & Ireland. Because a food revolution starts with seed.

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