Spring onion seeds

Growing suggestions for spring onion seeds

Sow spring onion seeds in drills as close as 10cm apart in well prepared, weed-free soil. Seeds can be 2-3cm apart in the row with no need to thin. For a very early crop seeds can be started indoors in January. Spring onions can be sown throughout the growing season. For a continuous supply of pencil-thick onions we recommend sowing every two weeks. They are ready for harvest six weeks after sowing.

Spring onion growing calendar


Crop history

Also know as green onions and scallions, spring onions describe a long, thin allium with a distinctive mild, oniony flavor which is eaten as a whole, including bulb and leaves. They come from two different kinds of plants, bunching and bulbing onions.
References to spring onions and chives occur in Chinese records dating back over two thousand years. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese all planted and used this vegetable. Spring onions earned their name from their early appearance in the spring after the cold months of winter when every green colour is welcome.

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