Cucumber Seeds

Growing suggestions for cucumber seeds

For best results start cucumbers in pots in March and plant out in a polytunnel or glasshouse in April/May. Some varieties are well suited to outdoor growing and will withstand lower temperatures. Outdoor cucumbers should be planted a bit later (mid May) to avoid any risk of frost damage.

Cucumber growing calendar


Crop history

The cucumber belongs to the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae) and the genus Cucumis of which there are 20 to 25 species found mostly in Asia and Africa. It is likely to be native to India where it has been cultivated for at least 3000 years. The cucumber was probably introduced to Europe by the Greeks or Romans and there is evidence that it was common in England in 1327.

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  • Cucumber – Marketmore (Organic)

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    Cucumber – Marketmore (Organic)

    A versatile, productive variety with luscious, dark green fruits throughout the summer. As British reggae artist Macka B makes clear in his ode to ‘Cocombers’ (see youtube for reference) the humble cucumber has many a good reason to grow and eat it. The Marketmore variety produces luscious, cylindrical, dark green fruits and does so in abundance throughout the summer. It grows well in both poor and rich soil conditions and will ensure you are full of good electrolytes for the rest of the year.
    (Approximate seed count – 20)

  • Cucumber – Crystal Lemon (Organic)

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    Cucumber – Crystal Lemon (Organic)

    A prolific, unusual and old variety of outdoor cucumber; small, round and yellow with a crisp, sweet flavour. First cultivated in 1894 in New Zealand, these small apple shaped cucumbers with pale skins are an unusual and very pleasing variety of cucumber. The plant is an attractive climber and will produce prolifically throughout the summer, whether planted in a container or in free draining soil. The skin gets tougher as the fruit ages so they are best picked early on.

    Drawings by Lucca Benney.

    (Approximate seed count – 11)


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