Seeds to sow in August

By all means, take some time to simply enjoy your garden and hard work you have put into it. Continue sowing seeds for winter and the hungry gap this month! And yes, it’s the peak of summertime, but you have to give the seedlings a good start as they’ve got some pretty thin months ahead of them. 

Don’t forget winter lettuce such as Valdor, chard, chicory, Florence fennel, coriander, your oriental greens like pak choi, salad rocket, mizuna, purple frills etc. and turnips. Sow winter cabbages like Greyhound that will provide you with greens in a time of year where not much else is around.

By the end of the month you could also start sowing some hardy annual flowers like calendula, nigella, poppy, cornflowers and viola that will start flowering early in the following spring.

"Second Spring" Seed Collection

Our Second Spring seed collection is available throughout July and August and contains a great mix of varieties which will keep you nourished through the winter months.

Other seeds to sow in August

Growing tips in August:

  • There should be many things to harvest this month. Part of the experience of growing your own vegetables is cooking delicious food with them, preserving, pickling, jarring, fermenting, freezing etc. to make your produce last as well. Many flowers and vegetables will revive and continue producing if you regularly harvest the vegetables and deadhead spent flowers.
  • This could be a good moment to sow green manures into bare patches of soil which will protect your soil from winter erosion and improve soil structure. We recommend a mixture of things, like cereal rye and vetch.
  • Keep on top of your tomato side-shooting, it’s easy to get lazy at this time in the season, but you’ll thank yourself later! Remove any diseased foliage now to prevent blight from spreading. Dispose the diseased leaves in the garbage or burn them.

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