Seeds to sow in May

May is a busy month. The weather should hopefully improve, the world is getting greener and feels full of energy. Always be guided by the weather and soil conditions when sowing seeds, as conditions can vary greatly across the country. Usually by mid-May most vegetables can be sown outside. Make sure to check when the last frost is in your area when sowing French beans, sweet corn and squash directly as they are very temperature sensitive.

Growing tips in May:

  • There are lots of things to do in your patch, preparing your beds, sowing, planting…
  • Don’t forget to ‘harden off’ your seedlings that were sown indoors before you plant them outside
  • Watering can be a big task in May. Make sure to keep the soil of new sowings, seedlings indoors and outdoors moist. Do not over-water, especially chillies, aubergines, zinnias.
  • As your vegetables start to grow, the weeds will too. Keep on top of the weeding now when it’s still easy.
  • Add compost and muck to your beds to add slow-release nutrients and improve soil structure. Make sure to add amounts that are suitable to the needs of the crops that you are going to plant.
  • Grow fast-growing green manures such as phacelia, buckwheat, etc. to cover empty spaces that are going to be filled later in the year. Sow other green manures such as alfalfa, clover, chicory etc. to give your patch a rest  for a longer period of time
  •  Pest and disease prevention can be an issue at this time of year. Good growing conditions and soil health can protect plants from many pests and diseases. Use organic methods and leave ‘wild’ spaces in your garden that will make homes for predatory and beneficial insects to ensure a balanced ecosystem in your garden

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