Our Place


For the 2018 growing season we have been very kindly lent the use of some growing space at two organisations. 

The first is Chagfood CSA based in the ancient stannary town of Chagford, on Dartmoor. They have a six acre market garden providing over 100 local families with delicious organic vegetables and herbs. 

The other organisation is called Embercombe, in the picturesque Teign Valley, where Fred and Ronja both worked previously. Embercombe was established in the 1980s as a catalyst for social and ecological change.

We are immensely grateful to both of these organisations for offering their support after our original site did not work out as planned at the last minute.

Vital Seeds HQ

Our HQ is at Westford Farm, near Drewsteignton, on the North edge of Dartmoor. We have converted an old reception room in a barn to our multi-purpose work space. 

Here we process our seed, and test its germination quality in our specialised (and ancient!) machines. We use a ‘germination oven’ and two ‘Copenhagen tanks’ (pictured). We test our seed once or twice a year to make sure it’s still top quality.

We also use this space to store our bulk quantities of seed, and to process and pack orders. Everything is managed through an extensive database so that we are able to keep track of the flow of seed and information through the system.