Broad Bean Seeds

Growing Suggestions for Broad Bean Seeds

For spring-sown varieties, sow broad bean seeds under cover from February and transplant to final spacing. Alternatively direct sow from March until May. Sow seeds 6cm deep in rows 50cm apart.

For over-wintering varieties of broad beans direct sow in November.

Broad Beans Growing Calendar


Crop History

The broad bean was domesticated in the Near East in ancient times. They were the only beans know in Europe in the Middle Ages, before the common bean arrived from the New World and overshadowed the broad beans.

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    Broad bean – Super Aquadulce (Organic)

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    Broad bean – Super Aquadulce (Organic)

    A Spanish heritage variety for autumn sowings that produces an abundance of light-green pods early in the season. According to food historian Willam Woys Weaver this variety can be traced back to Vilmorin’s selection of a Spanish broad bean called ‘haba de Sevilla’ in 1885. Super Aquadulce is extra hardy and can withstand cold temperatures. It will produce massive amounts of delicious uniform green pods with large beans. Although especially suited for Autumn sowing, Aquadulce can be sown in early spring for a summer/autumn crop too.

    The pods can be eaten as a whole when harvested young and the beans shelled and dried when they’re a bit older. The tops will make an excellent addition to salads or as greens, tasting a bit like a bean and a bit like spinach. Harvesting the tops also takes the energy out of the growing tip and encourages the beans to ripen.
    (Approximate seed count – 35)

  • Broad bean – Ratio (Organic)

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    Broad bean – Ratio (Organic)

    Ratio’ is a fantastic spring sown broad bean with very attractive, well-filled pods.  Sow outdoors from March to mid April. Early, productive broad bean with an excellent pod shape, good pod set and a delicious flavour. Thanks to its branching habit, the crop stays short and is at less risk of lodging. Very flavoursome and suitable for freezing.

    (Approximate seed count – 40)


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