Bee Mixture – (Organic)


A colourful mixture of Borage, Buckwheat, Calendula, Crimson Clover, Cornflower, Dill, Coriander and Phacelia.. The bees and other beneficial insects in your garden will love this mixture of flowering plants. The nectar will provide them with sugar they need for energy and the pollen contains protein and oils that bees collect to raise the brood.

We rejoice in this bee mixture particularly as it has a diverse range of flowering plants and makes our vegetable plot look beautiful and filled with colour. The edibles amongst the mix we use to jazz up our summer salads.
(Approximate seed count – 5 grams)

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When to sow: May – July

Spacing: broadcast or drills 30cm apart

Bee mixture tips: Broadcast the seed in May onto well prepared soil. Rake in gently to just cover the seeds. Alternatively sow thinly in drills 30cm apart; this way you can weed between the rows with a hoe. For maximum bee friendliness do a few staggered sowings to ensure there is nectar late in the season.

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