Broccoli – Early purple (Organic)


A very popular and traditional variety of sprouting broccoli, producing an abundance of tasty spears from late March . We love Early Purple broccoli, it comes at a time of year when we are in serious need of some green vegetables that are not kale, chard or leeks! We can quite happily eat it with every meal during its harvest window. It is very versatile, being great seamed, stir fried, roasted, added to soups and stews, put in omelettes… the list goes on.

It is slow growing and takes around one year from sowing to harvest but it is well worth the wait with each plant producing a lot of food. Plants can grow up to 1m in height.
(Approximate seed count – 250)


When to sow: April – May

Spacing: 60 x 60cm

Broccoli tips: Seedbed: Sow seeds in drills 15cm apart, and thin 7cm between plants as they grow. Transplant the seedlings in June when they are 15-20cm tall.
Modules: sow in modules and plant out to final position after 4-6 weeks.
Plant up to the first leaves and firm-in well. Plants may need staking as they can grow up to 1m tall.