Coriander – Filtro (Organic)


A refreshing herb typically used in South Asian and South American cooking. This high-yielding variety is excellent for flavouring curries, stews, rice dishes and as a garnish for soup and in salsa. All parts of the soft, light stems and leaves can be used. The flowers grow in pretty umbels, and if left to seed, the small seed heads can be used fresh or dried and used in cooking for added flavour and texture.
(Approximate seed count – 300)

TransplantWe do not recommend transplanting coriander

When to sow: March – September

Spacing: 20 x 7cm

Coriander tips: Coriander does best when direct-sown, as it does not like to have its roots disturbed. Sow outdoors from May in shallow drills 20cm apart and thin to final spacing.
For an early crop seeds can be sown in modules or pots indoors from March and planted out in May.
For an autumn/winter crop sow in September. . Always keep coriander well-watered to avoid premature bolting.