Cucumber – Shintokiwa (Organic) ***NEW FOR 2024***


This cucumber is amazing, a new favourite, prized for an outstanding sweet flavour, delicious juiciness and crisp, crunchy texture.

Known for its vigorous growth and productivity, this variety makes dark green long and slender fruits. They are mostly straight (when trellised) and uniform with an occasional curve. It is the flavour that is so extraordinary sweet, almost floral and so delicious throughout the season like no other cucumber we’ve tasted. A beautiful crunch and no bitterness even when harvested on the ripe side or towards the end of the season.

Shintokiwa is valued for its disease resistance, a fine choice for the greenhouse as well as outside.

(Approximate seed count – 11)

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When to sow: March – May

Spacing: 50 x 50cm

Cucumber tips: For best results start cucumbers in pots in March and plant out in a polytunnel or glasshouse in April/May. Some varieties are well suited to outdoor growing and will withstand lower temperatures. Outdoor cucumbers should be planted a bit later (mid May) to avoid any risk of frost damage.

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