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All of our varieties are 'open-pollinated'. Open-pollination is the natural method by which plants breed, it means that each generation is similar to the previous one, and evolution and adaptation can occur over time. Anyone can save seed from open-pollinated varieties year after year , unlike F1 hybrids which you cannot save good seed from. For a more in-depth discussion of open-pollinated vs hybrids please read our article here (https://vitalseeds.co.uk/2018/07/30/open-pollinated-v-hybrid/)

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All of our seeds are certified organic and therefore grown without the use of toxic chemicals such as herbicides, fungicides and insecticides.

Seed Provenance

Our dream is to produce all of the seeds in our catalogue, in collaboration with our network of growers. However this will take some time to achieve due to the nature of seed growing and the infrastructure needed to produce top quality vegetable seed in our rain-prone climate. At present Any other seeds have been purchased from well reputed certified organic and biodynamic seed suppliers.

Open Source Seed initiative

We are a registered seed company partner of the Open Source Seed Initiative. OSSI is dedicated to maintaining fair and open access to plant genetic resources worldwide by offering a new way to save and exchange seed that ensures the seed will remain free of patents, licenses, and other restrictions. Varieties that are registered as OSSI seed are accompanied by the pledge (see below), which prohibits the varieties or their derivatives from being patented or licensed in ways that can restrict use.

The OSSI Pledge also requires that any subsequent distributions of OSSI seed, or of derivatives bred from OSSI seed, be accompanied by the pledge. In this way, OSSI intends to develop an expanding pool of genetic resources that are available now and in the future for unrestricted use by scientists, farmers, and gardeners. This pledge is a commitment to foster unfettered exchange of germplasm and the freedom to use the material for any purpose, with the single proviso that by accepting the pledge the user commits to allowing others freedom to use the material or derivatives of the material.

The Seed Growers Network

Little Bishops Organics

Little Bishops Organics is a market garden based at Bishops Farm in Kentisbeare, Mid Devon. It was set up in 2020 by Chloe Blackmore and David Parry. As well as supplying veg for their year-round veg boxes, Cullompton Farmers’ Market and local wholesale, Little Bishops also grow vegetable and flower seed crops for Vital Seeds. "As vegetable growers, we are passionate about finding tasty, reliable varieties that our customers enjoy, which grow well in our soil, organic growing system and climate. We have been amazed at how well our own saved seed performs compared to the seed that may have originally been imported from Europe. We believe it’s really important to grow more seed locally as part of a more resilient, ecological food supply and we are excited to be able to contribute to this." https://www.littlebishopsorganics.co.uk/

School Farm CSA

School Farm CSA is a 3 acre organic market garden situated on the Dartington Estate in South Devon. They grow about 100 veg shares year-round to organic standards, alongside offering a range of events throughout the year and opportunities for local people. https://www.schoolfarmcsa.org.uk/

Trill Farm Garden

Ashley Wheeler and Kate Norman have been running Trill Farm Garden since 2010. They are on a site of 5 acres in Musbury, East Devon that includes several large poly-tunnels. Trill Farm Garden is famous for their salads, growing around 100 different varieties of leaf and flowers for the mix as well as being advocates of organic market gardening and seed saving. They are always developing techniques of improving soil health and increasing the biodiversity within the garden. Winners of the Young Organic Farmers of the Year in 2021 and founding members of The Landworkers' Alliance and UK Seed Sovereignty Programme. https://www.trillfarmgarden.co.uk/

Wyse Worts

Wyse Worts is a small independent organic plant nursery, specialising in medicinal and culinary herbs, and wildflowers. Their aim is to make these plants available, as well as share skills and knowledge for growing and working with herbs and wildflowers, to enable more people to incorporate them into their lives and gardens. They propagate and sell plants, many of which are otherwise hard to find. They also offer occasional courses and workshops on growing, harvesting and preparing herbs and incorporating them into everyday lives for enjoyment and health, often in collaboration with others such as Totnes Community Herbal, and Southcombe Barn. Part of the small demonstration garden includes a seed saving area, where they grow herb seed crops for Vital Seeds, as well as their own propagation. Soil, microbes and other wildlife is especially cared for. Wyse Worts use organic peat-free compost, recycled/ reused/ reusable pots and little else in growing the plants. They value growing for Vital Seeds and being part of the seed sovereignty movement. Instagram@wyseworts

The Apricot Centre

The Apricot centre is a CIC (not for Profit) founded in 2006 and run by Marina Brown-O’Connell, Bob Mehew and Mark O'Connell. They are a farm on 13 hectares of land in South Devon. It was designed using permaculture design principles in 2015. The farm is registered Bio-dynamic and is owned by the Biodynamic land trust. They grow fruit, vegetables, have a flock of 150 hens and grow population YQ grain and are partners in Dartington Mill that is milling local grains. There is a wellbeing service on the farm for young people and families. They also offer training in Permaculture, Biodynamic practice and Agroforestry. https://www.apricotcentre.co.uk/

Pigment Organic Dies

Sophie Holt runs PIGMENT Organic Dyes CIC, which grows natural dye plants at Baddaford Farm, South Devon, whilst supporting adults with learning disabilities into training and work. PIGMENT sells Organic dyes, dye kits and dyed fabric online and takes on micro dye commissions for local businesses and fibre farmers. PIGMENT trainees are within the fabric of the business, which supplies artists, dyers and the textile industry. They farm in regenerative and organic systems to improve soil health, water resilience, increase biodiversity and to better social engagement with fashion and its sources. They also champion independence for vulnerable and/or socially isolated adults through support, training and employment.

Cadmore Valley Organic

All veg is grown as part of a farm share agreement within an established 14 acre dessert apple orchard located on the Hereford / Shropshire / Worcestershire border. This type of practice helps provide shelter to the crops as well as a habitat for wildlife and beneficial insects. In addition to working with Vital Seeds, Cadmore Valley Organic grow seasonal greens and beans for the organic wholesale market, and also supply other local growers and restaurants.

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