Basil – Greek (Bush) (Organic)


Fantastic variety of basil with a bushy growth habit and small leaves. Greek basil (or ‘bush basil’) is a great addition to the plot, its bright green foliage makes it as ornamental as it is delicious. It works really well in containers and crops well over a long period. Can be used like other basils, in sauces, salads or as a garnish.
(Approximate seed count – 400)

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When to sow: March – July

Spacing: 15 x 30cm

Basil tips: Sow into a seed tray and prick out plants when they are still small to avoid root damage. Alternatively sow in modules.
Plant out either under cover, or in a sunny and sheltered spot at final spacing. Harvest the tips of shoots back to a node to keep the plants producing tender new leaves. If plants are becoming leggy, they can be cut back to 1/3 of their size. They should produce new growth.