Blue Vervein (Organic) ***NEW FOR 2024***


A herb with lovely lilac flowers and spiky leaves grown as ornamental and medicinal plant.

Blue Vervein is an elegant hardy herbaceous perennial, native to North America, but widely grown around the world. It has particular properties for the nervous system and can help to ease tension. The plant has delicate foliage with a purple hue, and striking spires of dainty deep purple flowers. The plants grow 1m-1.5m tall and prefer moist soil in full to partial sun.

(Approximate seed count – 150)

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When to sow: Sept/Mar-May

Spacing: 30x30cm

Blue vervain tips: Blue Vervein seeds can be sown in spring or autumn. They benefit from cold stratification. For autumn sowings the seed trays can be left outdoors to have their dormancy broken, alternatively sow in a seed tray with a light covering of compost and put in the fridge for around 2 weeks. Then place somewhere warm such as a windowsill or tunnel bench to germinate. Blue vervain needs to be in the dark to germinate, so either keep them in a dark place or cover with a sheet of paper or such. Prick out and pot on before planting outside in late spring/ summer. Wildflowers often take somewhat longer to germinate than vegetables. Typically between 14-28 days, up to 90 days.

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