Calendula – Ivory Princess (Organic) ***NEW FOR 2024***


Large double and semi-double creamy-yellow blooms with a contrasting dark centre disk. This is a wonderful new addition to our catalogue for 2024, we have totally fallen in love with this variety. The delicate and contrasting colours make it a superb addition to the garden and it looks wonderful in bouquets.

Its long stem length compared to other calendulas we’ve grown make it particularly suitable as a cut flower.
(Approximate seed count – 100)

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When to sow: Sept/Mar-May

Spacing: 30x30cm

Calendula tips: Very easy to grow!
Can be sown direct in rows 30cm apart, or raised in modules and transplanted. Calendula is a hardy annual so in milder areas it can be sown in the autumn and over-wintered for early blooms the following year.
Top tip: be sure to remove the spent flowers regularly (aka dead-heading) to encourage the plant to produce more.