Calendula – Traingle Flashback / Zeolights (Organic)


A stunning version of the regular calendula with fully doubled blooms and of peach, gold and bronze petal colour. This calendula variety is a real treasure. Pastel shades of orange, pink and peach are tinged with yellow towards the petal base. The backs of the petals are maroon. A pure joy to look at. We were so excited to have found this strain of calendula, bred by Frank Morton from Wild Garden Seeds in Oregon, USA. The flowers don’t only look good in the garden or as cut flower, they are also edible and can be used for medicinal purposes, too. An abundance of beauty for your garden!
(Approximate seed count – 80)

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When to sow: Spring / Autumn

Spacing: 30 x 30cm

Calendula tips: Very easy to grow!
Can be sown direct in rows 30cm apart, or raised in modules and transplanted. Calendula is a hardy annual so in milder areas it can be sown in the autumn and over-wintered for early blooms the following year.
Top tip: be sure to remove the spent flowers regularly (aka dead-heading) to encourage the plant to produce more.