Carrot – Nantes (Organic)


Fast maturing carrot perfect for early sowings. Originally from France but grown in this country for decades as a kitchen garden favourite, this is a classic carrot variety of the half-long type. Reaching up to 17cm in length and 3-4 cm in diameter, it is a sweet, bright orange, blunt, cylindrical root, round at the top and bottom. It has fine texture and delicate flavour with almost no core. It is ideal for early sowings but can delight you with a tasty crop throughout the year as well.

The perfect all-rounder, that does well as bunching carrot, juiced, sautéd, frozen, grated into a salad or just straight from the ground which is when we think they taste the best.
(Approximate seed count – 400)


When to sow: Feb – July

Spacing: 20 x 5cm

Carrot tips: Direct sow 1cm deep into weed-free soil with a fine tilth in drills 30cm apart, aiming for a seed spacing of 1cm. When the plants are 3cm tall, thin to final spacing. Cover early sowings with cloches to warm the soil.
Top tips: mix with some beetroot seed (which will germinate faster) to spot the rows for early weeding; cover with fleece or mesh to prevent carrot fly.

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