Celeriac – Ibis (Organic)


Fast growing smooth skinned celeriac with good storing qualities and disease tolerance. Ibis is a vigorous variety that produces smooth white skinned globes with a good dense interior. Its celery-like nutty mild taste enriches soups and stews and it tastes amazing when roasted or mashed. Our favourite recipes include celeriac schnitzel, battered and pan-fried and celeriac chips with curry powder.

We’re selling particularly this variety because it has all the qualities you would want from a celeriac. Its smooth skin makes it easy to clean, it’s resistant to septoria, good for storing and is bolt-hardy which makes it suitable for early cultivation under protection.
(Approximate seed count – 300)

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When to sow: Feb – March

Spacing: 30 x 30cm

Celeriac tips: Celeriac needs a long season to produce decent-sized roots. If you can start the seeds with heat in February that is ideal, otherwise unheated in March will be fine. Seeds can be sown into large modules or small pots and planted out at final spacing in May. Cover with fleece to protect from cold.
Top tips: do not plant past the crown as the roots will end up ‘bearded’; celeriac is thirsty so water during dry weather.

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