Celosia – Vintage Rose (Organic) ***NEW FOR 2024***


Most beautiful tones of silvery blush pink and cream colours, great for fresh and dried bouquets. What a delight having these plumes growing in the garden. Very elegant as a cut flower and it goes in almost any bouquet with their silvery cream, warm pink and peachy palette against dark green foliage.

Celosia keeps its colours when dried. This variety lives up to its name when hung and dry, the colours fade ever so slightly and get even more of a vintage feel to them.
(Approximate seed count – 100)

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When to sow: Mar-Apr

Spacing: 30x20cm

Celosia tips: Sow seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before your last frost date of your area in pots/ modules, sow 1-2 seeds per cell or in a seed tray to be pricked out. Be sure to keep them in a warm place as they are growing. They can be transplanted out after the last frost.

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