Chilli – Basque (Organic) ***NEW FOR 2024***


A superb early chilli with mild heat which is a cornerstone ingredient in Basque cuisine. If these seeds were produced in French Basque they would called “Piment d’Espellete”. This fantastic variety has P.O.D. status (Protected Designation of Origin) which means that the name can only be used where the variety is produced in the specific region where it is registered. Hence we are referring to this chilli as ‘Basque’ as the seeds were produced in Devon.

The plants are tall and produce an abundance of large conical, deep red fruits about 15 cm long and 3cm wide at the top.

When eaten raw they can be quite hot but once cooked they are very mild. The traditional use of these peppers in Basque is dried and powdered, but we have just eaten them like other chillies and totally love them.
(Approximate seed count – 25)

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When to sow: Feb-Apr

Spacing: 45x45cm

Chilli tips: Sow seeds indoors with heat from February, the ideal temperature is 20°C. If sown in a seed tray, seeds can be pricked out into 10cm pots once they germinate, or if grown in plugs pot them on when they have two sets of true leaves. Transplant into final position in May, either under cover or in a sunny sheltered spot. Plants may need staking as they grow.

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