Chilli – Hungarian Hot Wax (Organic) ***NEW FOR 2024***


One of the best chillies for growing in the British climate. Long and pointed fruits, starting green and ripening to red. This is a reliable, quick growing and heavy cropper producing early fruits that continue to appear throughout the season. It’s a a really excellent variety, bearing long pointy peppers in attractive shades of green, yellow, orange and red.

The distinct heat develops alongside the ripening colour, ranging from 1000-15000 scovilles making it a great multi-tasker in the kitchen. Delicious in chilli jam, perfect for pickling and drying as well as for using fresh, the spicy kick of a yellow hotwax stuffed with cream cheese are legendary for summer picnics. It will happily grow on a sunny windowsill, greenhouse or polytunnel. In some areas of the UK you can grow it outside in a sunny sheltered spot.
(Approximate seed count – 22)

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When to sow: Feb-Apr

Spacing: 45x45cm

Chilli tips: Sow seeds indoors with heat from February, the ideal temperature is 20°C. If sown in a seed tray, seeds can be pricked out into 10cm pots once they germinate, or if grown in plugs pot them on when they have two sets of true leaves. Transplant into final position in May, either under cover or in a sunny sheltered spot. Plants may need staking as they grow.

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