Cima di Rapa – San Marzano (Organic)


A really easy to grow broccoli alternative producing tender flowering shoots around 60 days from sowing.

Cima Di Rapa (also known as broccoli raab), is actually botanically a type of turnip rather than a broccoli. As such it is very quick to grow and unfussy in terms of its water and nutrient requirements.

The flowering shoots are harvested like sprouting broccoli and if you take care not to remove the lower two leaves you can get a few cuts off them.

In Italy there are many different varieties of Cima Di Rapa, maturing at different times and with different culinary uses.

(Approximately 300 seeds / packet)

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Sow in shallow drills 30cm apart and thin to 10-15cm within the row. Avoid sowing in midsummer as will bolt more easily. Sow in late winter/spring for a summer harvest or towards the end of the summer for an autumn crop.

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