Dill (Organic)


A fine herb used fresh or dried for seasoning and pickling. A beautiful ancient plant originating from the Mediterranean that used to be known for its medicinal properties and is mostly utilised for culinary purposes today.

The fine feathery leaves have a flavourful complex taste and can be chopped and added to sauces to go with fish or vegetables or just sprinkled on top of your meal to add colour and flavour. Traditionally also used for pickling; try using the flowers or seeds too.
(Approximate seed count – 500)

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TransplantWe do not recommend transplanting dill

When to sow: March – July

Spacing: 25 x 15cm

Dill tips: For best results direct sow in shallow (1cm) drills 25cm apart. Thin plants to 15cm spacing when they are large enough to handle. Dill is not a long-lasting plant so should be sown every two weeks for a continuous harvest. You can grow dill in modules but it is not ideal and may bolt much faster than when direct sown.

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