Elecampane (Organic) ***NEW FOR 2024***


Tall growing perennial herb known for its medicinal properties.

It is an impressive herbacious perennial plant, with a bitter aromatic root that has a long history and current practice of medicinal use, specifically for the lungs. Elecampane was sacred to the Celts and has rich history in folklore, it also goes by the name “elfwort” since apparently it can be used to heal ‘elf-shot’ (condition caused from being shot by an elf’s arrow).

The plant is tall, up to 2m, although will take a couple of years to reach this stature. It has large yellow sunflower-like flowers with narrow petals and beautiful soft leaves.(Approximate seed count – 30)

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When to sow: Apr-May/Aug-Sept

Spacing: 100x100cm

Elecampane tips: Direct sow outdoors from mid-April or pre-cultivation in house from March. Alternatively sow later in the year.Surface sow and press lightly onto the soil. It often flowers for the first time in the second year. Likes to sow itself.

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