French Marigold – Burning Embers (Organic)


A tall variety with deep orange-red petals and pale outlines. This is a wonderful variety of tagetes which grows taller than the classic French marigold. The petals have a deep colour and almost appear to glow like burning embers.

Plant between tomatoes to ward off pests and add a shock of colour to the patch.
(Approximate seed count – 100)

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When to sow: Feb-May

Spacing: 30x20cm

French Marigold tips: Sow indoors with heat (21°C) from Feb, under cover from March, and outdoors from May.
In modules cover the seeds with a very fine layer of compost which must be kept moist – a mister works well for this.
If sowing outdoors sow 0.5cm deep in drills 30cm apart, and thin to final spacing.

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