Helichrysum – Monstrosum (Organic)


A tall variety producing an abundance of multi-coloured blooms. This is a wonderful and vibrant helichrysum mix, whose bright blooms look like delicious boiled sweets!

The blooms lend themselves to both fresh and dried flower arrangements so are a great all-rounder.
(Approximate seed count – 200)

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When to sow: Mar-May

Spacing: 30x30cm

Helicrysum tips: Sow strawflowers in early spring indoors into modules, or into a seed tray and then prick out when large enough to handle. Only lightly cover the seeds with compost. Transplant outside in May once danger of frost has passed.
Alternatively, direct sow in May in shallow drills, 30cm apart, and thin to 30cm in the row.

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