Kale – Bear Necessities (Organic)


An unusual ultra-frilly Red-Russian type. Bear Necessities has leaves unlike any other kale as it was bred from a cross between a mizuna and a kale. It’s ultra frilly leaves lend themselves to salads when young and are great cooked when larger.

The leaves have a high volume and surface area which means they stir-fry particularly well, easily getting coated in delicious flavours and holding their shape.
(Approximate seed count – 200)

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Month J F M A M J J A S O N D

When to sow: Mar–July

Spacing: 50x45cm

Kale tips: Sow from April in modules/pots and transplant after 4-5 weeks. Make sure to plant right up to the first true leaves and ‘firm-in’ in well when planting, as they will not be happy in loose soil.

Alternatively direct sow outdoors from May in drills 50cm apart and thin to final spacing. Thinnings are a delicious addition to salad.

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