Kale – Nero di Toscana (Organic)


Upright plants producing lots of heavily savoyed dark green leaves. Surely this is the king of kales! We always grow masses of Nero di Toscana, we cant get enough of it. It has been a staple of Italian cuisine for centuries and heavily features in the iconic ‘Ribollita’ Tuscan bean stew.

Although usually steamed or stir-fried, kale leaves can also be massaged raw with a little olive oil, salt and lemon juice and made into a salad. Well worth a try if you haven’t already!
(Approximate seed count – 150)


When to sow: March – July

Spacing: 50 x 50cm

Kale tips: Sow from April in modules/pots and transplant after 4-5 weeks. Make sure to plant right up to the first true leaves and ‘firm-in’ in well when planting, as they will not be happy in loose soil.

Alternatively direct sow outdoors from May in drills 50cm apart and thin to final spacing. Thinnings are a delicious addition to salad.

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