Parsnip – Tender and True (Organic)


A classic French variety with very tasty long white roots. Tender and true is one of the best tasting parsnips you will find. If left in the ground until after the first frosts, the starch will turn into sugars and make this parsnip even sweeter.
(Approximate seed count – 500)

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When to sow: March – May

Spacing: 15 x 30cm

Parsnip tips: Unless you want a really early harvest, we recommend waiting until the soil has warmed up in late April or even early May to sow parsnips. They are very slow to germinate and the extra warmth can really help.
Sow three seeds every 15cm in rows 30cm apart, and thin to one plant per station. Pay particular attention to weeds during the early stages and you will get a fine crop.

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