Rudbeckia – Hirta (Organic)


A wonderful variety producing an abundance of yellow, crimson and mixed blooms over a long period. We love this rudbeckia for its bold flowers. They are a real eye catcher and keep giving over a long season. As a cut flower best picked when the buds are just about to open.
(Approximate seed count – 500)

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When to sow: Feb-Apr

Spacing: 40x40cm

Rudbeckia tips: Sow indoors in pots or trays with seed compost. Just cover with a fine layer of vermiculite and keep at temperatures of around 20°C. Keep soil moist but not wet. Germination takes 10-15 days. Cold stratification can improve the germination rate, as can some warmth. Prick out seedlings if appropriate. Harden off and plant out after danger of frost has passed with 40cm spacing. Regular deadheading encourages extended flowering and further blooms.

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