Shallot – Zebrune (Organic)


A French heritage shallot of mild and sweet taste. With their elongated bulbs and their creamy brown colour tinged with a deep pink, this shallot looks as elegant as it tastes. It has an ivory white coloured flesh that is crisp and tightly layered.

Zebrune is classed as a ‘banana shallot’ which is essentially a cross between an onion and a shallot. It inherited the best qualities from both sides. They are larger than the regular shallot and therefore easier to handle but so mild and fragrant in taste that is far superior to any onion.

We loved every stage of growing this one, it’s a very pleasing crop and adds a French finesse and aroma to any meal.


When to sow: Jan – April

Spacing: 25 × 10cm

Onion tips: For the best onions sow in January indoors with heat. Alternatively they can be sown from February under cover. They should be transplanted in April to their final growing position.

Onions can also be direct-sown from March in drills 25cm apart, spacing seeds 1cm apart within the drill. They should then be thinned to 10cm spacing once established.

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