Sorrel – French (Organic)


A zesty perennial herb with bright green shield-shaped leaves and citrusy aroma. French sorrel grows in clumps of 15cm high by 20cm wide. It is easy to grow and easy to pick. Developed in Italy and France in the Middle Ages, the tangy and slightly tart taste packs a punch. Use as a herb, salad leaf or leafy green. Perfect for adding an edge to rich and heavy meals.
(Approximate seed count – 350)

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When to sow: All year

Spacing: 30 x 20cm

Sorrel tips: Sorrel can be sown at any time, but for best results sow outdoors in the spring in shallow drills 30cm apart and thin to final spacing.
Seeds can also be easily started in pots or modules and planted out after 4-6 weeks. The plants will die back in the autumn but will regrow from their roots in Spring as they are perennial.

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