Spinach – Matador (Organic)


Reliable medium-early variety for autumn, spring and winter cultivation. Robust, flavoursome and productive. Matador is ‘the’ tried and tested variety for your garden with large and tender leaves, bolt- and frost-hardy. It was Ronja’s first spinach trial in her mum’s raised beds that was a huge success. In spring when the spinach bolts and produces seed, you can easily save it and sow it again for your next crop.
(Approximate seed count – 460)

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When to sow: March – Sept

Spacing: 30 x 15cm

Spinach tips: For summer varieties of spinach sow in late spring, and protect with fleece if there is danger of frost. For winter varieties sow at the end of the summer.

Sow in situ in drills 30cm apart, and thin to 15cm between plants. Alternatively sow in modules and transplant to final spacing.