Swede – Willhelmsburger (Organic)


A well-formed, firm-fleshed and smooth-skinned swede, refined in taste and with good keeping qualities. Swede is a very valuable winter vegetable and easy to grow.

Wilhelmsburger is a German variety from 1935 bred for culinary use. Ronja’s favourite recipe for swede is a bake with a creamy sauce and goats cheese. It will also make a great addition in stews or just roasted.
(Approximate seed count – 275)

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When to sow: April – June

Spacing: 25 x 45cm

Swede tips: For an early crop direct sow in April, main crops should be sown in May to June. Sow in drills 45cm apart 1cm deep; thin to appropriate spacing after few weeks. Swedes are fast-growing, with low nutrient requirements.


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