Sweet Pea – Painted Lady (Organic)


One of the oldest and most popular sweet pea varieties with pink and white flowers and a fragrant scent. Painted Lady is bi-coloured and sweet scenting with delicate pink and creamy white flowers. It is one of the oldest sweet pea varieties and has been grown in England for centuries. It makes a great cut flower and is a delight for every garden.

When to sow: Oct-Mar

Spacing: 20x20cm

Sweet Pea tips: You can sow sweet peas into pots in autumn and overwinter them in a cold frame or cool greenhouse. Or you can wait until spring to sow into pots or directly into the ground. They like deep, narrow pots for strong root growth. When they are 10cm tall, pinch out the tops to encourage bushy growth. We recommend dead heading the flowers to keep the plant in bloom for longer.