Sweetcorn – Golden Bantam (Organic)


The most popular open-pollinated sweetcorn variety since it was introduced in 1902 suitable for eating fresh and freezing. A tall vigorous plant making 18cm long cobs full of medium sweet, rich, delicious kernels when harvested ‘milk-ripe’. Best eaten or processed on the day of harvest for full flavour and before the sugars turn into starch.
(Approximate seed count – 50)


When to sow: April – May

Spacing: 40 x 40cm

Sweetcorn tips: Sow indoors in pots or large modules from April. Sow two seeds in each pot and remove the less vigorous one. Plant out at final spacing after the last frost, mid-May as a rule of thumb.
Alternatively direct sow in May in final growing position; place 2-3 seeds in pre-dibbed 3cm deep holes at the required spacing and thin to one plant per station.
Early crops benefit from fleece to protect them from cold.