Tomatillo – Purple Mountain Landrace (Organic)


Purple blushed landrace tomatillo productive and tasty. Related to the tomato, these plants are easy to grow as transplants and very productive. The big cherry tomato sized fruits are enclosed by a papery husk and are of astonishing flavours. It’s the combination of tomatoey and lime flavours that make them ideal for salsas and other Mexican and Southamerican dishes. The fruits turn purple in patches on the plant but become more coloured when the fruit is exposed to sunlight after harvesting.

This landrace has been bred by Wild Mountain Seed, USA, particularly with disease resistance and reliable production as a goal. A diverse parentage of strains ensure a genetic diversity, yearly selections where made to increase vigour and productivity while keeping an eye on disease resistance as well.
(Approximate seed count – 20)

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When to sow: Feb-Apr

Spacing: 100x50cm

Tomatillo tips: Sow indoors and propagate in conditions with temperatures between 15-20°C. Can be planted outdoors once all danger of frost has passed but will prefer the warmth of a glasshouse or polytunnel. Minimum 2 plants required for effective pollination. Some system of support will be necessary. Harvest the fruits when they are between 3 and 5 cm diameter and fill out the papery husks.

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